Hello all!

My name is Michelle and I’m a newly-wed homesteading wannabe in Central Maine. My husband and I are both music teachers and the happy parents of two dogs, two cats, six chickens and 30,000 bees (approximately). We live in a small ranch on 3 wooded acres. We’ve been enjoying this little slice of heaven for just over 3 years. I want to use to this blog to document our journey moving towards a more sustainable, healthy, natural and frugal lifestyle.


Since we only have heavy clay soil, I started my garden in a raised bed. As my confidence in my gardening skills has increased, so has our allotted garden space. We started off with two 9′ x 3′ raised beds. We’re now up to four and a half (I have a small shady raised bed for growing greens).


We have planted apples trees and blueberry bushes out front. We have two grape vines on the side yard by the chickens. Just this past fall we planted three hazelnut trees and three hardy kiwi vines. Two of the kiwi vines are ‘female’ and will produce small, smooth skinned kiwis. The other vine is our ‘male’ to pollinate the two females. He won’t produce any fruit, but will hopefully make sure the other two vines do! 20140703_174000Since all of our fruit and nut producers are young, we haven’t harvested anything from them yet. I’m looking forward to the day when we can enjoy fruit and nuts grown right in our yard!

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